Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment & Fees


Teacher Assigment

  • How do I choose a teacher?

    On occasion, a student will request a teacher who has come highly recommended. We do our best to accommodate all special requests when schedules allow. Otherwise, the registrar will match students and teachers based on schedules, the level of the student’s experience and goals, as well as personality traits of both parties.

  • What if I don't feel that my teacher is a good fit for me / my child?

    If there is ever a question that the lesson time is a positive experience for your student, please call the registrar immediately. We will do our best to find a better fit for you or your child.

  • Do all of your teachers work with young children as well as adults?

    Some teachers only work with adults, and some only work with children. And some teachers enjoy the variety of working with all age groups. We take this into consideration when pairing you or your child with a teacher.

Classes Offered


  • Where are lessons held?

    All lessons are taught on the campus of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, located at 3471 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77027 (second floor "EC" classrooms). Any exceptions must be approved by the registrar, and a signed waiver must be kept on file.

  • Are your pianos in good condition and well-maintained?

    Yes! We have nine pianos used for teaching and accompanying, and all are well maintained by our piano technician, Molly Mayfield.

Safe Sanctuary

  • May I observe my child's lesson as often as I like?

    Parents are encouraged to attend lessons off and on throughout the semester. Additionally, a seating area is provided for parents to sit close by, but not actually be inside the room. This encourages students to develop an independent relationship with their teacher, which is instrumental to their growth as a musician. Every teaching room is equipped with a window for observing the interaction between student and teacher. Your child’s best interest is our priority. If you have concerns about the safety of your child, please call Director Monica Griffin at 713-402-5110 immediately.

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